Salton Sea Prayers

The Salton Sea, the largest body of water in California, presents a looming air quality crisis.

Starting January 1 2018, much of the water that now flows into the Salton Sea from the Colorado River must transfer to San Diego County. It is estimated that this water reduction will create up to 100,000 acres of dry lakebed over the next several years.

The dry lakebed of the Salton Sea will expose fine toxic dust that can dramatically increase human health risks and hurt hundreds of bird species that depend on the Salton Sea for survival. The California Natural Resources Agency has created a 10-year plan that will partially restore some of the dry lakebed, but needs more money to implement their plan.

We need prayers for increased budget dollars and more government and private resources to implement additional solutions to our looming air quality crisis.

On Salton Sea Sunday, Sept 10th, we will all lift our voices in unison, praying for:

  1. God’s help to solve the looming Salton Sea air pollution crisis
  2. Strategies to make air and water safe
  3. Wisdom for leadership to allocate resources
  4. Healing for the many already suffering from asthma
  5. People to serve others touched by the Salton Sea

Listen to 8 minute radio broadcast 5 Ways You Can Pray For The Salton Sea.

How you can help:

If you want to join us in our prayers and are willing to receive prayers for the sea, please provide your name, phone number and email in the contact form below.

Thank you for taking action to help rejuvenate the Salton Sea!

Salton Sea Sunday Flyer

Bryan Williams
Pinnacle Forum Coachella Valley
LOV Movement


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