Coachella Valley Rescue Mission—Serve Days

We are promoting “serve” events through the Coachella Valley over the 40 Days Of Love with the vision that every man, women and child would authentically be loved by at least one follower of Jesus Christ. We are posting events (with dates, times, locations, and number of volunteers needed, along with a short description). Please […]

5 Ways You Can Pray For The Salton Sea

5 Ways You Can Pray For The Salton Sea Listen to this radio broadcast on KHCS 91.7 and Joy 92 with Dan Pike, Bryan Williams, Mike Harrison, And Frank Ruiz identifying some of the physical problems as well as what is being done to solve the issue with the Salton Sea. Bryan Williams gives us a […]

Salton Sea Prayers

Salton Sea Prayers The Salton Sea, the largest body of water in California, presents a looming air quality crisis. Starting January 1 2018, much of the water that now flows into the Salton Sea from the Colorado River must transfer to San Diego County. It is estimated that this water reduction will create up to […]