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During the 40 Days of Love we hope to see 10 million Christ-Followers across the United States and around the world love on their community and people in their sphere of influence.  This has the potential of transforming over 100 million lives.

Our long-term desire is that the 40 Days of Love will be used by God to launch a Prayer, Care, Share Lifestyle among the churches and Christ-followers within the Coachella Valley.


“Standing with the Valley” Community Food Drive

We are proposing that each Coachella Valley church commit to one collaborative “Food Drive” coordinated by Dave Ramirez at The Narrow Door.  The goal is to collect 25,000 lbs of food!  Last year we had 28 churches participate.  Imagine what can happen if 100 churches collaborate this year! 

Individuals are invited to volunteer at The Narrow Door to pack and distribute food boxes within the community!   Sign up online at 

Narrow Door Key Contact:

In addition, during the 40 Days of Love each church is encouraged to pick one of these outreach ideas: 

(1) Adopt a nearby Firehouse

(2) Adopt an Assisted Living Facility

(3) Give Gifts for the Narrow Door Toy Drive for the Christmas Store


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